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Introducing... LIFE

What's your Mantra on Holistic Healthy Living?

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About LIFE

Not just an app. A community.

Created by someone who long ago was looking for a solution. A way to eat what you want, sleep better, drink more water, lose those extra pounds, have glowing skin, have a clear mind and body alignment, and overall feel happy with your existence on this planet. 

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Our Plans

Combining every single one of your burning questions from how much you should sleep to exploring your body type, diet, water intake, background, and needs. Do you eat home-cooked meals or eat out most of the time? What plan can you commit to? 30 days? 21 days? Every other day? Only 3 days a week?

How do you like to be reminded to work out? How should we send you that extra nudge? What areas are you specifically targeting, can you do a series of short workouts throughout the day or only once a day? Do you like to work out alone or in groups? Do you have skin problems? Would you like to try meditation or detox recipes?- this is how the solution comes into being.

Fitness Class
Bullet Journal

Casual - Free

This is for you if this is your first time and you are looking for an individualized plan but want to bring your own diet plan, equipment, supplements, etc. You do you.

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Personal Trainer

Intense- $30/hr

We are here to transform your holistic health journey. A fully personalized plan from your dietary needs to your 6 am workout sessions, to your hourly water reminders to your celebrity trainer sessions. All in one.

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Talk to a Human

The product isn’t just an app. It’s a community. A place where you can share your holistic health journey without any judgment and help those struggling to come to terms with their bodies. 

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